Get to Know Your Home Pro

When it comes time to repair one’s home, finding quality professionals is easier said than done. Most of the time, homeowners have few avenues from which to choose. The most popular method of finding quality professionals for a project has been word-of-mouth, accomplished by asking friends, family and co-workers who they have used in the past. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this method, it’s by no means a guarantee the person chosen will do an outstanding job.

Because good help has been so hard to find for so many people, the idea of having a business dedicated to matching those needing work done with those workers who have proven themselves to be excellent at their craft was born. Rather than letting one’s fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages, hoping that the person called turns out to be as good as they sound, homeowners now have the option of using referral services to pick screened home improvement professionals. The advantages of using these services are numerous, from verifying liability insurance coverage to proper state licensing and even criminal background checks.

Customers interested in using these services usually begin by submitting their project details to the site, and then simply sit back, relax and let the referral service work its magic. Within 24 hours they are provided feedback, offering them a list of screened home improvement professionals willing to do the job. Interviews for the job are done online, eliminating the need for time-consuming and potentially awkward face-to-face encounters. Customers can interview as many contractors as they choose, depending upon how many respond to the project request and how many are referred by the service.

These services are not only good for customers, but contractors as well. Being eligible to use the service to find available jobs, it’s a perfect chance for a new business to build a client base and find out how much work is available locally in their specialty. On all jobs, both contractors and customers can give feedback and rate one another on various topics. For both customers and contractors, it’s the perfect way to gain peace of mind while getting the job done.

Get To Know Your Pro

Get To Know Your Pro

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